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I am graduated from Bilkent University. Throughout my university life, I worked in several jobs and internships to better understand the way an engineer should act and think. I also have an active social life that includes to activities such as presenting brand new cars or regularly going to the swimming pool as a member of the swimming club, participating in many tournaments in Turkey. I am passionate about being an engineer and producing and spreading knowledge. I love hard work and I know that it always pays off. I am always on the chase of improving myself, both professionally and socially. I effectively and persuasively communicate with every type of person effortlessly, and always supports his claims with research and facts. I am passionate about manufacturing. The physical ongoings in a manufacturing facility are one thing I am eager to observe and analyze and to try to improve. I am also a car enthusiast. From the very first day I was born, I am always keen to look, read and write about cars. I am the founder and editor of the Turkish car magazine website, carsofturkey.com and english car blog thecar.blog.